Kardiatonos launches new website

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Kardiatonos launches new website


ROCHESTER, Mi., December 1, 2016 -- Kardiatonos, Inc. a biopharmaceutical company concentrating on the development of therapies for the detection and treatment of chronic human disease with an initial focus on atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD), is pleased to announce that it has launched its new website: www.k2therapies.com. The site introduces the public, the financial markets and the medical community to Kardiatonos’ product development, future product pipeline, business strategy, and intellectual properties. The website also provides information regarding the company’s renowned leadership team, its strategic partner relations, and potential opportunities for partnering with other organizations within the cardiovascular space and beyond.

The website highlights the company’s forthcoming diagnostic, KardiaKalyx™, and its pre-clinical therapeutic, Thrombex™. Kardiatonos’ initial objective is to bring to market the first CVD diagnostic test that will allow doctors to determine the amount of cardiovascular disease within a patient from a simple blood test. The company expects to commercialize the biomarker test through licensing arrangements with strategic partners

The company’s therapeutic, Thrombex™, is comprised of proprietary compounds formulated to target the root cause of atherosclerosis and CVD by focusing on the endothelial glycocalyx or EG. The EG is a slippery gel lining on the interior of the artery walls that helps the body maintain proper blood flow and allows fats and cholesterol to glide freely through arteries and veins. In pre-clinical testing, the company’s proprietary compounds have demonstrated the ability to restore the structure, integrity, and health of the endothelial glycocalyx.  

“Both of our products are unique, and represent exciting opportunities in the global marketplace,” said Dr. Kenneth I. Kohn, JD., Ph.D., Director and CEO of Kardiatonos. 

“Our intellectual property provides our company with a pipeline of potential new therapies and diagnostics that show great promise in addressing other chronic diseases,” said Dr. Kohn.

The new website provides quick and intuitive access to important information about the company and its proposed products. It also features resources for the public, investors, and the medical community including access to technical information and research papers, press releases, and upcoming events that the leadership team will be attending. Kardiatonos has also launched an animated video to inform site visitors about the endothelial glycocalyx and the company’s upcoming products. 

The website’s design and color scheme are intended to appeal to a wide audience and attract attention, visibility, and recognition to Kardiatonos’ services and product lines. The new logo is a bright molecular shape that forms a medical cross to emphasize the company’s mission and focus on health, science, and innovation. 

“We encourage visitors to tour our new website to learn about our novel products under development, our management team, and our informative animated video about the endothelial glycocalyx and CVD,” said Nicholas Cocco, President of Kardiatonos.

For more information, please visit: http://www.k2therapies.com/ 

Kardiatonos, Inc., based in Rochester, Michigan, is a biopharmaceutical company formulating groundbreaking therapies and diagnostics to detect and treat chronic diseases. Their proprietary, patent-pending compounds, either alone or in combination, address what the company believes to be the root causes of chronic illness through the treatment of multiple disease pathways responsible for their onset. The company seeks to become the leader in the development of novel treatments for the world’s most pervasive chronic diseases.

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