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Welcome to Kardiatonos

Our scientists and strategic partners are formulating groundbreaking diagnostics and therapies that detect and treat chronic illnesses. Our proprietary, patent-pending compounds, either alone or in combination, are focused on the root causes of chronic illness and the multiple disease pathways responsible for their onset.

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Our Leadership

Josefino B. Tunac, Ph.D.

Director, Executive Chairman, Chief of Scientific Strategy and Oversight

Nicholas A. Cocco

Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer

Paul H. Wooley, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

James W. Cocco

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

William P. Ruffa Jr., J.D.

In-House General Legal Counsel, Executive Vice President of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary

Sandra M. Kiesel

Executive Vice President, Operations

Our Innovative Technology

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Our initial target is atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, or CVD. CVD is a chronic illness affecting millions of people globally each year. Our lead product candidates in development include a first of its kind diagnostic test providing practitioners with specific information regarding the patients' level of CVD and the progression of atherosclerosis/CVD throughout the body. Secondly, we are developing a first of its kind a therapy that treats the CVD by restoring the structure, integrity and health of the endothelial glycocalyx, a protective lining found in every healthy blood vessel, that we believe to be a primary cause of atherosclerosis/CVD.


KardiaKalyx™ is a 4-panel biomarker test specifically designed to determine the risk and monitor the progression of cardiovascular disease.

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Thrombex™ is our lead therapeutic candidate. It is a unique therapy designed to target the root cause of cardiovascular disease.

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Company Pipeline

Our understanding of illnesses and our scientific expertise drives us to target chronic disease pathways. Our pipeline provides an overview of our research and clinical development programs.

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Partner with Us

We are actively seeking new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses.

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